fighting injustice at work...
Franklin Law works with employees, independent contractors, and other workers whose rights have been violated or are at risk of being violated. Franklin Law's Consultation Clinics are typically held on Mondays and Thursdays and we charge a flat fee of $200.00 (incl. tax) for consultations lasting 1.5 hours or less. Franklin Law's Traditional Consultations are typically held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and we charge a flat fee of $300.00 (incl. tax) for consultations lasting 1.5 hours or less. Choosing the right law firm and right type of consultation is very important and we encourage you to review the information that we provide about our consultations before you decide to reques a consultation or call our office. If you believe that your rights have been violated, see value in our approach, and are very serious about understanding your legal options and obtaining frank and honest legal advice, please request a flat fee consultation by filling in the following form.

Human Rights

Employee begins to understand the Human Rights Code-based harassment that she subjected another employee to

Franklin Law educates and empowers an employee about human rights-based harassment

When an employee was accused of harassing another colleague in violation of the Human Rights Code, she booked a Franklin Law Consultation to get much needed legal advice.  Although Ron Franklin’s advice was sobering, and of little or no comfort to the employee, the employee’s feedback provided yet another example of the ways in which    […]

Fighting injustice at work.

Franklin Law helps an employee who was dismissed for cause to settle his dispute

When an employee was dismissed for cause by his employer without any termination or severance pay, his co-worker referred him to Franklin Law.  Ron Franklin had dealt with this particular employer before, and when he reviewed the circumstances surrounding the employee’s termination, he came to believe that the dismissal was unjust.  Ron found two facts    […]

Ron Franklin discusses access to justice

Ron Franklin provides Franklin Law’s unique perspective on access to justice

Ron Franklin was honoured to be a panelist in an access to justice focused event at the Law Society of Upper Canada on April 8, 2015.  The event entitled, “Improving Access to Justice”, was organized by Flip Your Wig for Justice, an organization that fundraises for a number of organizations that promote access to justice    […]


Franklin Law helps a condominium owner to pursue accommodation for her disabilities at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

When a condominium owner approached Franklin Law about the difficulties that she had experienced when she tried to get a condomimum corporation and a property management company to accommodate her disabilities, Ron Franklin was ready and willing to help. The owner met with Franklin Law after she had filed a human rights application at the    […]

Franklin Law helps an employee win at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

Mr. Gaisiner had been discriminated against and was ultimately terminated on the basis of his disability.  He came to Franklin Law for help, and Ron Frankin represented him at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.  After several days of hearing, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario rendered its decision in Gaisiner v. Method Integration Inc.    […]

Ron Franklin apppointed to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario’s Practice Advisory Committee

On September 11, 2014, after a competitive selection process, Ron Franklin was appointed to the Practice Advisory Committee of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO).  As set out on the HRTO’s website, the Practice Advisory Committee, …serve[s] as a resource for consultation and feedback about policies, practices, rules, practice directions and services. The Committee    […]

Ron Franklin takes a moment to discuss the Franklin Law Consultation

Ron Franklin talks about the Franklin Law Consultation

My name is Ron Franklin and I am the founder of Franklin Law.  I want to take a moment to talk to you about the Consultation that we offer at Franklin Law. But in order to understand what a Franklin Law Consultation really is and why it’s valuable, I’m going to start in a somewhat    […]

Afrofest advertisement from Music Canada's website

Franklin Law was proud to take part in AfroFest 2014

Franklin Law was proud to attend and lend its support to AfroFest 2014.  The event was held at Woodbine Park on July 5 and 6 and put on by Music Africa.  AfroFest, now in its 25th year, was a huge success, and featured, among other things, international artists from Africa and the diaspora, local artists    […]

Franklin Law helps an Accounts Payable Clerk win an Unjust Dismissal Complaint

An employer dismissed a 61 year old Account Payable Clerk after 6.5 years of employment and only provided her with 1 month’s worth of  wages.  With Franklin Law representing her, the employee filed an unjust dismissal complaint under the Canada Labour Code.  After hearing the case, the Adjudicator concluded that she had been unjustly dismissed    […]