• Dental Assistant
In September of 2009, a Dental Assistant had to make a difficult choice between her health and her job.  She chose her health and met with Ron Franklin about her experience.  With Franklin Law by her side, she initiated a law suit alleging that she had been constructively dismissed by a Dentist and discriminated against on the basis of sex.  In October of 2014, after close to five years of difficult litigation, the parties agreed to settle the case and the Dental Assistant was able to put this difficult experience behind her.  The emotional and financial stress of litigation often poses an insurmoutntable barrier for employees, and many employees continue working in a poisoned working environment or quit without any compensation.   This time things were different.  We were inspired by our client’s courage and determination, and hope that her success will encourage others to pursue justice.  For more information about the services that Franklin Law that provides to employees and other workers, please visit our website at www.franklinlaw.ca or contact us about booking a consultation at 416-572-8525, ext. 1 or consultation@franklinlaw.ca.