Franklin Law represents all types of workers. This case involved a home renovation contractor who claimed that the owner of a house that it had renovated had failed to pay it for work that it had performed as per their contract. The owner struck first and initiated a law suit against our client. He claimed that it was our client who breached the contract, and sued for $25,000.00 plus legal fees. Our client responded with a counter suit and claimed that the owner breached the contract when it did not pay for work that it had substantially completed. It counter sued for $25,000.00 plus legal fees. Our client came to Franklin Law years after the original law suits had been filed because it was unsatisfied with the representation that it had received from another law firm.  After a lengthy six day trial, the Court dismissed both law suits. The Court found that our client was not entitled to demand payment at the time that it did because there were some important issues that remained outstanding. Normally, this would result in our client having to pay the owner a significant amount of damages as well as additional compensation for legal fees.  Although the odds were against our client, Ron Franklin maintained his focus and was able to help our client turn a terrible situation into a much better one by raising serious doubts about the losses that the owner claimed that he had incurred. In the end, the Court found that both parties had failed to prove their losses, and dismissed both claims.  This case is significant because it reinforces the fact that workers are not simply individuals who are employed by employers, underscores the importance of retaining the right lawyer from the very start, and shows that you can get a favourable result even when you don’t win a case in the technical sense.  For more information about the services that Franklin Law provides to employees and other workers, please visit our website at or contact us about booking a consultation at 416-572-8525 or