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Franklin Law works with employees, independent contractors, and other workers whose rights have been violated or are at risk of being violated. Franklin Law's Consultation Clinics are typically held on Mondays and Thursdays and we charge a flat fee of $200.00 (incl. tax) for consultations lasting 1.5 hours or less. Franklin Law's Traditional Consultations are typically held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and we charge a flat fee of $300.00 (incl. tax) for consultations lasting 1.5 hours or less. Choosing the right law firm and right type of consultation is very important and we encourage you to review the information that we provide about our consultations before you decide to reques a consultation or call our office. If you believe that your rights have been violated, see value in our approach, and are very serious about understanding your legal options and obtaining frank and honest legal advice, please request a flat fee consultation by filling in the following form.

Human Rights

Employee begins to understand the Human Rights Code-based harassment that she subjected another employee to

Franklin Law educates and empowers an employee about human rights-based harassment

When an employee was accused of harassing another colleague in violation of the Human Rights Code, she booked a Franklin Law Consultation to get much needed legal advice.  Although Ron Franklin’s advice was sobering, and of little or no comfort to the employee, the employee’s feedback provided yet another example of the ways in which    […]


Franklin Law helps a condominium owner to pursue accommodation for her disabilities at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

When a condominium owner approached Franklin Law about the difficulties that she had experienced when she tried to get a condomimum corporation and a property management company to accommodate her disabilities, Ron Franklin was ready and willing to help. The owner met with Franklin Law after she had filed a human rights application at the    […]


The Law Times asks Ron Franklin of Franklin Law to comment on the “Canadian Experience Requirement”

The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) has taken the position that the requirement for “Canadian experience” should be assumed to discriminatory unless an employer or regulatory body can show that it is a bona fide requirement.  Ron Franklin told Law Times that he thinks the OHRC got it right.  In the Law Times’ September 9,    […]


The Law Times interviews Ron Franklin of Franklin Law about the differences between litigating human rights at the HRTO and in Court

When Law Times wanted a human rights opinion from a lawyer with hands on experience in the field, it contacted Ron Franklin.  Drawing from his own experience, Ron focused on the positive impact that including legitimate human rights allegations can have in settling difficult disputes in Court and at the HRTO.  (Click to view the    […]

Franklin Law rolls out its Human Rights Course

Designed by Franklin Law Articling Student, Digal Haio, the Human Rights Workshop is an interactive course which will explore human rights concepts, identify human rights issues that typically arise in the workplace and provide information on basic rights and obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code. This Course is essential for anyone working in Ontario.  It’s    […]

OHRC puts Creed and Religious Observances in the spotlight

The Ontario Human Rights Commission (“OHRC”) invited Ron Franklin to its workshop on Creed and the Accommodation of Religious Observances:  Ron participated in a day long legal workshop on rights relating to religious belief and practice.  The event was hosted by the Ontario Human Rights Commission in partnership with York University’s Centre for Law and    […]

Ron Franklin talks about employee mistreatment and abuse at work

Ron Franklin talks to employees about mistreatment and abuse in the workplace:  On Thursday February 16, 2012, Ron Franklin was a guest speaker on a Lancaster House telecast entitled Mistreatment and Abuse of Employees: What are the consequences? What are the remedies?  Ron provided listeners with an overview of some of the challenges that workers    […]

Franklin Law settles public servant’s case at the HRTO

Human Rights Litigation Settled:  After several days of hearing at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, a career public servant with close to eighteen years of service was able to settled his protracted human rights complaint with the government. For more information about the services that Franklin Law provides to employees and other workers, please    […]

Franklin Law settles long-term employee’s wrongful dismissal and human rights case

Wrongful Dismissal Action with Human Rights Component: An employee claimed he was subjected to a long history of race- and disability-based discrimination and harassment which ultimately culminated in his employment being terminated. Not content to allow his employer to get away with this injustice, the employee came to Franklin Law looking for support. With Ron    […]