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Discrimination, harassment, bullying, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, and reprisal are among the most frequent forms of injustice that employees face at work.  At Franklin Law, we know that the mere existence of employment, human rights, and labour laws has never stopped employers from mistreating employees. Like you, we know that employees and other workers must be able to access justice in order to secure justice, and are best protected when they are empowered and know about their workplace rights, and can turn to trusted, experienced, and committed employment lawyers, human rights lawyers, and labour lawyers for legal support, advice, and representation.  We know these realities to be true because we – just like you – have been workers all of our lives.  We are a select group of employment lawyers, human rights lawyers, labour lawyers, law students, and other professionals, all of whom have made a decision to work with, advise, and represent employees and other working people.  We represent employees and other workers exclusively and without apology, because we believe that every employee and worker has the right to be treated equally, fairly, and with dignity and respect, at work.

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