Andrew Royce

office administrator | worker

Andrew Royce is an Office Administrator at Franklin Law. As a point of first contact at Franklin Law, he listens as you provide an overview of the unjust treatment you experienced at work.  He asks you about your goals and assists you in deciding whether or not to seek legal advice through Franklin Law or if another option might better serve your interests in your particular case. He books consultations and acts as a liaison between you and our lawyers.

Andrew is proud to be supporting workers and holding employers accountable. He is also proud to assist workers in their interactions and disputes with their Unions. He believes that an accountable Union Movement is a stronger, more effective, and more viable Union movement. 

Outside of his work with Franklin Law, Andrew is fighting worker exploitation in other ways. He is an organizer and an activist with a Gig Workers’ Union in the Greater Toronto Area. He is working towards a goal of ending the misclassification of Gig Workers and bringing full employment rights under the Employment Standards Act, 2000 to all gig workers in Ontario.

In his remaining time Andrew works as a bike courier in Toronto. In his free time he can be found cycling, skiing, canoe camping, and engaging in his community.

Andrew Royce