“Franklin Law is for those of us who have never wanted a seat at their table. It is for those of us who want to re-envision what the table should look like, feel like, and represent. It is for those of us who are committed to building a table of our own that reflects and serves those from our working communities.”

Ron Franklin, Founder of Franklin Law 

Thank you for your interest in working with Franklin Law.  Before you consider working with us, it is important for you to understand what you might be getting yourself into.  

Working at Franklin Law requires a steadfast commitment to workers’ rights, social justice, and collaborative lawyering.  While we acknowledge that employers deserve quality representation, we are also aware that most employers have greater access to legal resources, support, and representation than employees do.  We are also aware of the long and sordid history of employers exploiting workers, especially those from racialized/minority and other historically marginalized groups.  We understand the power dynamic that exists between most employers and employees, and care deeply about leveling a playing field that has historically been, and to this day continues to be, bent in employers’ favour.  We also understand the precarious and vulnerable positions that Unionized employees often find themselves in when they become disenfranchised from their Unions.  All of these realities have a significant impact on who we hire, seek to work with, and seek to advise and represent.

Working at Franklin Law requires an unequivocal and unapologetic commitment to working with employees and other working people even when the law itself may be unjust, your adversaries are powerful, and the odds of success are low.  It is a rewarding yet often daunting and humbling pursuit that is particularly ill-suited to those who are uncomfortable with the prospect of speaking truth to power or challenging the status quo.  Every member of our team has made a solemn decision to work on behalf of employees and other working people.  Although work of this nature can be financially rewarding, our efforts to help workers intent on fighting injustice at work often comes at significant personal and financial sacrifice.  Ultimately, the table that we aspire to build is one in which you can be yourself, see yourself, and build a long-lasting, financially viable, and fulfilling social-justice oriented career.  

If you are still interested in applying for a position, please send a cover letter and resume to our office at employment@franklinlaw.ca.  Students interested in working at Franklin Law should take a moment to read Professor Quigley’s article, Letter to a Law Student interested in Social Justice, before applying.