Employees and employers have never competed on a level playing field. Today’s employer is more sophisticated than ever and has various tools at its disposal to thwart employees’ attempts to secure justice. Employees have limited options in comparison. Many workers are self-represented, work in isolation, and are unprepared for the harsh realities of our legal system. Absent insightful and practical information about their legal rights and options, many workers take legal action in an uninformed manner and become disillusioned when the legal system doesn’t deliver the justice that they deserve. Franklin Law’s courses and workshops offer an important first step in solving this problem. Our courses provide workers like you with immediate access to practical legal information and strategies, specifically geared to helping employees like you better understand your rights and secure justice at work. Each course or workshop is presented from a worker’s perspective – from your perspective – and includes information that employers (and perhaps many lawyers) would rather you not know.