Emma Pandy-Szekeres

office administrator | worker

Emma is an Office Administrator at Franklin Law. Along with Ruby and Taneeta, she books consultations, schedules meetings, coordinates document delivery and filing, acts as a liaison between clients and lawyers, and takes the lead on a number of other administrative activities.

Emma’s interest in social justice was solidified while earning a degree in Gender Studies and Sociology at the University of Toronto. In addition to her prior experience working in law offices, she spent many years working in restaurants where she witnessed a lack of compliance with employment standards legislation. These experiences educated Emma about, and provided her with deep insight into, the importance of advocacy for workers and the pervasiveness of precarious employment. It is incredibly meaningful for her to now be able to support such advocacy work alongside the team at Franklin Law.

Prior to working with Franklin Law, she lived in Budapest, Hungary, where she completed an internship with a small human rights NGO and helped to set up a community feminist library.

When not at work, she is usually trying to learn a new language, or volunteering at her local yoga studio.

Emma Pandy-Szekeres