Franklin Law educates and empowers an employee about human rights-based harassment

When an employee was accused of harassing another colleague in violation of the Human Rights Code, she booked a Franklin Law Consultation to get much needed legal advice.  Although Ron Franklin’s advice was sobering, and of little or no comfort to the employee, the employee’s feedback provided yet another example of the ways in which a Franklin Law Consultation can educate and empower employees even in the most difficult of situations…

Dear Ron,

It was fascinating to experience your perspective regarding my human rights complaint this past Tuesday.  Thank you for your gentle way of explaining that I was not wrongfully accused and convicted of a human rights complaint by my former employer – but rather rightfully.

You will forever be engrained in my mind as the humane face of human rights law.

Many people have come to me with their problems – problems that you could have professionally addressed.  In the future I will readily put your name forward for them to contact.  You already know that my sister (who has a background in Human Resources) will be.

Thank you also for not charging me extra – after my appointment went (way) overtime.  […] May all your human rights dreams come true Ron – actually – all your dreams.

Peace, Love,


p.s. You may use any of the above in your on-line testimonials.

Human Rights, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
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