Franklin Law helps a condominium owner to pursue accommodation for her disabilities at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

When a condominium owner approached Franklin Law about the difficulties that she had experienced when she tried to get a condomimum corporation and a property management company to accommodate her disabilities, Ron Franklin was ready and willing to help. The owner met with Franklin Law after she had filed a human rights application at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO). As soon as Franklin Law came on board, we revised her human rights application so that it focused exclusively on the discrimination, harassment, and reprisal action that she believed that she had been subjected to. Once that was done, we represented her at mediation. With Ron’s support, the owner was able to resolve the dispute with the respondents and avoid costly and expensive litigation. This case is important for a number of reasons. It reminds us that human rights disputes often arise outside of the employee-employer context. It also reminds us that individuals can and often do overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges in the fight for justice. It also reinforces the idea that if you hire a knowledgeable and committed human rights lawyer early on in the process, it may increase your chances of avoiding litigation and the emotional and financial stress that comes with it. For more information about the services that Franklin Law provides to employees and other individuals, please visit our website at or contact us about booking a consultation at 416-572-8525 or

Human Rights, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
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