Hani Abdul Aziz

office administrator | worker

Hani Abdul Aziz is an Office Administrator at Franklin Law. As a point of first contact, she books consultations, schedules meetings, coordinates document delivery and filing, acts as a liaison between clients and lawyers, and takes the lead on a number of other administrative activities.

Hani overcame significant challenges growing up in Milton, Ontario, especially while attending school where she was discriminated against because of her South Asian background and her religion and was often seen as being different because she wore a headscarf.  Driven by her deeply held belief that every individual deserves to be treated equitably regardless of their background, she pursued a career in law and graduated from Sheridan College’s paralegal program, where her favourite subjects included employment law, evidence, litigation, and provincial offences.

Before joining Franklin Law, Hani gained a wealth of practical experience at a traffic ticket law firm where she spent a significant amount of time communicating with clients, drafting legal correspondence, and participating in court proceedings. Those experiences coupled with her language skills – she speaks English, Urdu, and Hindi – and unwavering commitment to social justice and empowering marginalized communities, have proven invaluable in helping us to support, empower, and advocate for the incredibly diverse group of employees and other workers who seek out Franklin Law’s services.

When Hani is not advocating for workers’ rights and a more inclusive workforce and society, she finds joy in spending quality time with her family and reading books, watching movies, and playing board games with friends.

Hani Abdul Aziz