Joelle Somogyi

Law Student | worker

Joelle Somogyi is a Law Student at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) and is completing a summer fellowship with Franklin Law.  She works closely with every member of our team and assists in every aspect of the firm’s practice.

Before attending law school, Joelle graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). During her time at TMU, she was an active member of the Innocence Project, an organization focused on highlighting wrongful convictions and addressing flaws within the justice system. She later co-founded an Innocence affiliate group at UWO, furthering her commitment to justice reform.

Joelle’s passion for law was significantly influenced by her internships at a Forensic Mental Health Hospital.  There, she worked with the social work team to implement workshops and support individuals with developmental disabilities and dual diagnoses. Those hands-on experiences deepened her awareness of the critical intersection between mental health and the legal system.

Consistent with her commitment to social justice and keen interest in helping employees and other workers in fighting injustice at work, Joelle plans on using her legal skills, education, and past experiences to support the increasingly diverse group of employees and other workers who call Ontario home.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Joelle actively supports social justice initiatives through community engagement. Her volunteer efforts and organizing work with Anova Women’s Shelter have allowed her to contribute meaningfully to various communities and develop a nuanced understanding of diverse social issues.

In her spare time, Joelle enjoys being outdoors with friends and family, and capturing those moments in photos and turning them into scrapbooks.

Joelle Somogyi