Marcy Vuong

office administrator | worker

Marcy Vuong is an Office Administrator at Franklin Law. As a point of first contact at Franklin Law, she greets, listens to, and empathizes with you when you reach out to our team with inquiries.  She also books consultations, schedules meetings, coordinates document delivery and filing, acts as a liaison between clients and lawyers, and takes the lead on handling Franklin Law’s social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Marcy brings a legal and political background to her work at Franklin Law. Graduating from York University studying Law & Society and Political Science, she has a keen interest in various interdisciplinary issues. Some of her favourite courses included:

  1. Contemporary Politics of Work and Labour
  2. Women and the Criminal Justice System
  3. Social Diversity and the Law

Prior to joining Franklin Law, Marcy worked with the Peel Poverty Reduction Strategy on various initiatives focused on alleviating poverty in her community and supporting low-income families in Peel Region.

Raised by an immigrant mother and a refugee father from post-war Vietnam, Marcy speaks English and Vietnamese fluently, and has a personal commitment to social equality and justice. She also makes a great bowl of Phở.

Outside of work, she’ll be biking, dancing to EDM and rock music, or experimenting in her kitchen.

Marcy Vuong