Our Approach

You can learn a lot about a law firm by looking at the clients that it represents, the clients that it doesn’t, the way it interacts with its clients, its billing structure, and its commitment to access to justice. Ask around and chances are that you’ll hear that few if any employment, human rights, and labour law firms share Franklin Law’s philosophy about access to justice, and commitment to employees, collaborative lawyering, and flat fee billing. But just in case you haven’t heard, we have compiled some questions and answers to help you better understand why our reputation as one of the leading social justice oriented employment, human rights, and labour law firms in Ontario continues to grow. Click a question to get an answer.

1. We only represent employees and other workers.

We have grown accustomed to calling ourselves lawyers, and our clients often call themselves employees, professionals, executives, managers, supervisors, members of Unions, self-employed, and independent contractors. But the simple truth is that we are all “workers” and in one way or another we are all at risk of facing injustice at work. Franklin Law is a law firm that was created with the sole purpose of representing working people. We do so without apology wherever and whenever the rights of workers have been or stand to be violated. In exceptional circumstances, where for example a Union or other social justice-seeking organization is an employer that is focused on empowering workers and protecting their interests, we can help it to achieve its mandate by providing it with proactive advice and support.

2. We are serious and selective about the cases we take on.

We take our work extremely seriously, and are emotionally and financially invested in the success of every employee that we represent.  Because the stakes are so high for employees, we provide frank and honest legal opinions, and practical legal advice in our consultations.  Although we offer all of our services at incredibly affordable rates, we are not a volume-based practice and are selective in the cases that we take on.  We prefer to take cases with a strong legal and factual foundation, or cases that are precedent setting and advance the interests of workers generally.   We prefer to work with employees who share our commitment to fighting injustice at work and are willing to make the emotional and financial investments necessary to pursue redress without apology.


3. We work with employees from every walk of life, and every city and town in Ontario.

Although Franklin Law is based in Toronto, our clients come from all across Ontario. Our client base is also ethno-culturally and socio-economically diverse.  Some are executives and managers in big cities, and others work on the line or on the floor in a new or former blue collar town.  Some are new to the Canadian workforce and others have worked for the same employer in the same city for decades.  Some are unionized and others are self-employed. When you retain Franklin Law, you can be assured that you will receive exceptional advice and representation wherever you work, whatever you do, and wherever you come from.

4. We are employment, human rights, and labour lawyers. We are not generalists.

Our lawyers do not strive to be all things to all people.  During every working hour of every working day, we focus on employment, labour and human rights law.  Whether over the phone, in a court or in a tribunal, we spend all of our time and energy focused on areas and issues that matter the most to workers.  Because we don’t claim to be all things to all people, we refrain from dabbling in other areas of law that might shift our focus away from workers.

5. We are collaborative lawyers, and work with our clients to identify options and perfect strategy.

Franklin Law is committed to collaborative lawyering.  We are sensitive to the fear, anger, powerlessness, and embarrassment that many employees feel when their rights have been violated, and understand the importance of meeting with you, listening to your story, and understanding your fears, concerns, and goals before providing you with legal advice, drafting a demand letter, drafting a claim, or representing you in litigation.  And when it comes time to make important decisions about how you will seek justice, we will help you to identify the pros and cons associated with each option and help you to make informed decisions based on your particular experience, financial situation, expectations and risk tolerance.

6. We don’t bill our clients by the hour. We offer all of our services on a flat fee basis.

For as long as we can remember, workers have raised concerns about hiring lawyers and paying legal fees on an hourly basis.  There seems to be a consensus that information about a lawyer’s hourly rate is meaningless if you can’t predict how much time a lawyer will actually spend on your file.  In 2013, we decided to revolutionize our practice in response to employees’ concerns.  Franklin Law changed its billing practices and began offering all of its services on a flat rate basis or, in very rare situations, on a mixed flat rate and contingency fee basis.  It occurred to us that if we couldn’t predict how much a given case would cost an employee with a fair degree of confidence, we shouldn’t be telling our clients that we are experienced employment, human rights, and labour lawyers.

That day marked the end of the billable hour at Franklin Law.  Ever since then, we have placed a premium on providing our clients with certainty and comfort with respect to legal fees – a degree of certainty and comfort that an hourly rate simply can’t provide.  Now we tell our clients how much legal fees they will have to pay before they decide to retain Franklin Law.  And because our clients can better predict how much they will have to pay at the outset of their case, there are less surprises and they can structure their financial affairs accordingly.  As a result, they spend less time stressing about legal fees, more time talking to us about their case, and more time focusing their energy on pursuing justice.  We take great pride in the fact that Franklin Law may be the only worker-focused law firm in Ontario that offers all of its legal services on a flat fee basis.