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Like you, we have been workers all of our lives. Franklin Law is made up of a group of employment, human rights, and labour lawyers, all of whom have made a decision to represent employees and other working people. We fight injustice at work because we know about the discrimination, harassment, bullying, and other mistreatment that employees often put up with, and about the injustices that they suffer when they are wrongfully dismissed without compensation or severance pay.

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Discrimination, harassment, bullying, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, and reprisal are among the ugliest forms of injustice that employees and other workers face at work. Like you, we know that the mere existence of employment, human rights, and labour laws has never stopped employers from mistreating employees.  Like you, we know that employees and other workers are best protected when they know about their workplace rights, can access justice, and can turn to trusted, experienced, and committed employment lawyers, human rights lawyers, and labour lawyers for legal support, advice, and representation.

Franklin Law is comprised of an experienced group of employment lawyers, human rights lawyers, labour lawyers, and other professionals, all of whom have made a conscious decision to work with, provide advice to, and represent employees and other working people.  Like you, we have been workers all of our lives and have experienced injustice at work. We practice exclusively in those areas of law with the greatest impact on employees, even though we know that the odds are often stacked in employers’ favour and even though it would be much more lucrative to represent employers or practice in other areas of law.  We offer flat fee billing to ease the financial burden that employees and other workers face when pursuing workplace justice.

At Franklin Law, we believe that every employee and worker has the right to be treated equally, fairly, and with dignity and respect, whether or not they are non-unionized, unionized, independent contractors, dependent contractors, or volunteers.  If you have experienced, or are experiencing, injustice at work, and are serious about getting legal advice and/or holding your employer or boss accountable, we want to meet and talk with you. 

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In order to ensure the health and safety of Franklin Law’s clients and staff, our team will be working remotely for the foreseeable future as part of our response to the COVID – 19 pandemic. We continue to offer our consultation services by telephone, however, our physical office will be temporarily closed to the public.  Our Office Administrators, Ruby and Marcy, are still available by phone and email to respond to your inquiries and to schedule consultations with our team of lawyers. Franklin Law will continue to do its best to support the rights of workers and employees during this difficult and chaotic time. We thank you for your patience.