Severance Package Self Help Guide - Video and Tool Kit

Don’t pay legal fees. Don’t hire a lawyer. Use Franklin Law’s FREE Severance Package Self-Help Guide to Negotiate a better Severance Package on your own.

Key Features

  • Designed for employees by employment lawyers

  • 1x Free Glossary of frequently used terms and phrases

  • 1x Free 1.5 hour fully narrated video

  • 2x Free email templates

  • 1x Free mitigation checklist

Many employers provide their employees with far less than they deserve upon termination.  Some even exploit their employees knowing that most employees are reluctant to hire a lawyer and pay legal fees.

At Franklin Law, everything that we do is focused on protecting employees and fighting injustice at work.  Like you, we believe that no employer should ever get away with wrongfully dismissing employees and employees should never be deprived of fair and reasonable severance packages simply because they can’t retain a lawyer or afford legal fees.

If you want a better severance package, want to avoid paying any legal fees, and want to negotiate a better severance package on your own without hiring a lawyer, then Franklin Law’s Severance Package Self-Help Guide can help you to make your next move with confidence.  Our Severance Package Self-Help Guide includes a free Video and Tool Kit and is narrated by experienced lawyers who only represent employees.  It is designed to provide employees with user-friendly, no-frills, and trustworthy legal information that they can apply to their unique circumstances.  Through our employee-focused guide, we hope to help employees like you to hold your employer accountable without ever spending a dime on lawyers and legal fees.

If you’re serious about figuring out whether or not you should try to negotiate a better severance package on your own and don’t want to pay any legal fees, download a FREE copy of Franklin Law’s Severance Package Self-Help Guide.