The Duty of Fair Representation (DFR) Self-Help Video and Tool Kit for Unionized Employees

A 2-hour self-help video with a resource-rich tool kit designed exclusively for Unionized employees and based on Unions’ duty of fair representation. Narrated by Franklin Law’s founder, Ron Franklin, this self-help video and tool kit addresses no less than five (5) problems that disenfranchised Unionized employees frequently need help with:

  1. First, it provides Unionized employees with  access to legal information about their Unions’ legal obligations to them. Much of that information is difficult for Unionized employees to find on their own and is not available on the internet.
  2. Second, it contains practical information and templates that Unionized employees can use on their own without hiring a lawyer to communicate more effectively with their Unions and, if possible, repair their relationships with their Unions.  These resources can be incredibly important in situations where litigation is not a viable option.
  3. Third,  it contains legal and strategic information about if, when, and how Unionized employees can hold their Unions accountable through a section 74 duty of fair representation complaint at the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB).  Approximately 95% of duty of fair representation complaints are unsuccessful, and our self-help video and tool kit provides valuable insight into the pitfalls that Unionized employees should avoid and opportunities they can take advantage of when filing duty of fair representation complaints. It even includes a sample complaint for reference.
  4. Fourth, it provides Unionized employees with the potential to save their hard earned money by helping them to decide whether or not it actually makes sense to self-represent, meet with a lawyer for a consultation, or retain a lawyer.
  5. Fifth, it allows Unionized employees to learn at their own pace using resources that they can access 24 hours a day, 7 days at week, at times when it is most convenient to them.



Want to hold your Union accountable? Want to save legal fees? Look no further than Franklin Law’s Duty of Fair Representation Self-Help Video and Tool Kit.

You have serious concerns about how your Union is handling your grievance but you don’t know what to do.  You’ve heard about this thing called the duty of fair representation (DFR) under section 74 of the Labour Relations Act, 1995 but you are unsure what it is, how effective it can be, and whether you should file a DFR complaint against your Union.  Based on years of experience, advising, representing, and educating unionized employees about their rights and legal options, Franklin Law has designed the Duty of Fair Representation Self-Help Video and Tool Kit to empower unionized employees just like you.

The DFR Self-Help Video is more than 2 hours in length and is designed from the perspective of a disenfranchised unionized employee. Narrated by Ron Franklin, the video is full of useful historical, legal, and strategic information about how and when you might go about holding a Union accountable through a DFR complaint.  It even includes a detailed case study that you can use to put what you have learned into practice.  The DFR Self-Help Tool Kit is the perfect companion to the Video.  It is full of useful templates that you can modify to meet your needs and communicate with your Union persuasively, constructively, and effectively.  It also includes hyperlinks to important case law and other key resources, and a sample DFR Application that you can refer to if and when you need to prepare a DFR Application on your own.

Our ultimate goal is to help unionized employees like you to transition from a place of uncertainty, fear, and doubt to a place where you possess the knowledge, skills, and strategic information necessary to make an informed decision about if, when, and how you should hold your Union accountable with confidence.  We offer all of these incredible resources for a fraction of the cost of a Franklin Law consultation.