Free Severance Package Self Help Guide Video and Tool Kit

FLSPSHG – Video (1 hr 52 min) and Tool Kit


Want a better severance package? Want to avoid paying any legal fees? Want to negotiate on your own without hiring a lawyer?  Download our FREE Video and Tool Kit!

Franklin Law’s FREE Severance Package Self-Help Guide can help you to make your next move with confidence.  Our Severance Package Self-Help Guide includes a Video and Tool Kit that have been designed by experienced lawyers who only represent employees and other workers.   The Guide is designed to provide employees who have already received a severance package offer from their employers with user-friendly, no-frills, and trustworthy legal information that they can apply to their unique circumstances.  The Tool Kit includes: a link to the Video, a glossary of terms, two (2) sample email templates, a mitigation checklist, and information on suggested next steps.  Through our employee-focused guide, Franklin Law hopes to play a small role in increasing access to justice and helping employees like you to hold your employers accountable without ever spending a dime on lawyers and legal fees.


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