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Some employees were kind enough to share their experiences in the testimonials that follow.  When you read through these testimonials, please remember that these experiences do not tell the whole story.  The reality is that litigation is inherently risky and some employees have been less fortunate.  Although you won’t see their stories here, we are equally inspired by them and acknowledge the sacrifices they have made in pursuit of justice.

When an employee was offered a severance package, he met with Jacqueline Kotyk of Franklin Law in a Consultation Clinic.  With Jacqueline Kotyk’s advice and support, the worker was able to respond to his employer from a position of knowledge and strength, and was able to obtain a severance package that he believed was fair…

The company that had employed me for many years was looking to reduce staff and offered me a severance package. I went on-line to find a law firm that could provide me advice on the package. I found the posts for Franklin Law and comments back from the law firm on those posts to be credible and pointed to a company that would treat its clients fairly and with expert advice. As such, I engaged their services.

I worked with Jacqueline to counter a series of proposals made by my former employer. The support and advice I received from Franklin Law was tremendous. Whatever question I asked, they could provide the answer. They also provided this in a timely manner as they promised. It ended fairly for me. I highly recommend this firm to others in similar (or worse) circumstances.

S. Dickson

When an employee was let go after close to 16 years of service and was unsure about his rights, he met with Taylor Akin of Franklin Law in a Consultation Clinic.  With Taylor Akin’s help, the worker became more informed about his rights, was able to effectively negotiate with his employer and was able to secure a severance package that he was satisfied with…


I just want to let anyone and everyone hear how my experience was with Franklin Law.
I was shopping around in a hurry to find a law firm (lawyer) to help me with my situation where my employer had decided to close down the business and let everyone go!!!
I have been with this employer for over 16 years and what I was offered was very insulting and unfair. As soon as I emailed franklin law I was contacted within a day by their receptionist and was able to set up a consultation for me with Taylor Akin one of the associates from Franklin Law.
The day I went in for the consultation I was greeted by the receptionist who explained what the consultation would include and how long it should take and who I would be meeting.
Taylor Akin came out and introduced herself to me and brought me to one of their consult rooms. She was very professional and very understanding of my situation and assured me that after looking over my letter from my employer and taking some information from me that she needed to, told me that I have nothing that worry about and that it sounds like I have a good case. After our consultation Taylor gave me her email and told me if I have any more questions or need answers to any more questions to just email her or text her and she will get back to me ASAP.
Well I had a little more questions that needed answers and Taylor helped me out so much and always made me feel confident about what we were doing. My employer came back to me telling me that they wanted to meet face to face to come to an agreement of a settlement. So I contacted Taylor Akin again to let her know what they want to do and she asked how I feel about !!! She gave me the knowledge of my rights and what would be a good settlement and what was not. Also not to sign or agree on anything without letting her know so she would be able to let me know if it was a good settlement or not. Franklin Law in my opinion is a great law firm who not only care about you and fight for your rights !!! They treat you as if you are just as important as anyone else and has helped me succeed in getting a very good settlement
Thank you so much, Taylor Akin.


When an employee was accused of harassing another colleague in violation of the Human Rights Code, she booked a Franklin Law Consultation to get much needed legal advice.  Although Ron Franklin’s advice was sobering, and of little or no comfort to the employee, her feedback provided yet another example of the ways in which a Franklin Law Consultation can educate and empower employees even in the most difficult of situations…

Dear Ron,

It was fascinating to experience your perspective regarding my human rights complaint this past Tuesday.  Thank you for your gentle way of explaining that I was not wrongfully accused and convicted of a human rights complaint by my former employer – but rather rightfully.

You will forever be engrained in my mind as the humane face of human rights law.

Many people have come to me with their problems – problems that you could have professionally addressed.  In the future I will readily put your name forward for them to contact.  You already know that my sister (who has a background in Human Resources) will be.
Thank you also for not charging me extra – after my appointment went (way) overtime.  […] May all your human rights dreams come true Ron – actually – all your dreams.
Peace, Love,
p.s. You may use any of the above in your on-line testimonials.

When an airline employee claimed that his employer had violated his human rights and his union failed to represent him fairly, Franklin Law helped him to hold his employer and union accountable without hesitation…

About a year ago I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with and working with Ron after several other firms wouldn’t take on my case. I had been wrongfully dismissed and discriminated upon based on my disability from my employer. In addition, I was receiving little or no support from my union.  My first impressions of Ron, he was very professional and compassionate. He listened to and understood my issues easily and was very upfront about the likelihood of success or not. One of the few lawyers I have dealt with that were genuinely concerned about the cost of going forth with your case.  Ron is the best pen to paper lawyer I have ever seen in my life. No exceptions. Ron first took on my union with the labour board (CIRB) and his written brief was outstanding. It was a difficult position to take and the odds of winning against a union were extremely low and Ron made sure I understood that from the onset. In the end we did lose but to this day I feel the decision was unjust. In no way was it a result of the work Ron had done on my file.  At the end of the day, I was successful in reaching settlements in all my employment issues as a direct or indirect result of my dealings with Ron.  If you have Employment, Human Rights issues or issues with union representation, Ron should be the first person you meet with for an honest consultation.

Donny C, Toronto, ON

When a government Manager needed help in a bitter human rights dispute, Franklin Law was there…

I will forever be grateful to Franklin Law as long as I live in this world. Franklin Law was a special gift and blessing sent to me. I was a victim of serious discrimination and conspiracy involving high ranking government officials. I’d never imagined in my wildest dream that it could ever happen to me and the way it did, especially here in Canada. After working for nearly two decades as a manager in the government, discrimination and conspiracy led to the wrongful termination of my employment. I was in disbelief and shocked. It was a difficult time for me in every way, shape and form. I was against all odds and a mountain of skeptics. Many thought it was impossible to stand-up against the government because of its endless resources. I had gone through three different lawyers about my case prior to contacting Franklin Law, and none of them were the right fit or familiar with the challenge I found myself up against. When I finally found Ron, not only was he clever and insightful, I experienced an instant connection with him. When I heard Ron say to me after taking time to review my case materials “…I believe you, am interested in your case and I assure you I’ll give you my best…”. I knew right there and then that I was at the right place.  Ron and his staff worked so hard and diligently and they were successful in bringing important issues to light during the process. Their expertise was heavily felt by the opposing side and others. On the first day of the hearing, my case was successfully settled and it was a significant settlement.  The dedication that Franklin Law showed me and how it made my life much more bearable will never be forgotten.  I wholeheartedly endorse Franklin Law. I am extremely fortunate to have had such amazing people on my side. I will forever be grateful to Franklin Law as long as I live in this world.  Franklin Law knows the law and it is a law firm for the people!”

Ozy, Mississauga, ON

Franklin Law helps a disabled Legal Coordinator fight back after she was dismissed and discriminated against by a multinational software management company…

“Thanks so very much for representing us so well and for your sage and timely advice throughout the process.  You are a credit to your profession and a wonderful person too!”

S.V., Markham, ON

Franklin Law helps a long-term Employee leave her workplace with her dignity intact and the compensation she deserved…

“My job was recently outsourced after 20 years of dedicated service. I was attempting to address the severance package being offered myself and getting “stonewalled” in the process.  I then contacted the law firm, Franklin Sirivar LLP.  Mr. Ron Franklin and Ms. Maria Sirivar fought for my legal rights and attained far more for me than I had thought possible. Their human rights background, combined with their extensive workers’ rights employment knowledge, was an unbeatable combination! I would highly recommend Mr. Ron Franklin and Ms. Maria Sirivar.”

L.A.O, Toronto, ON

Franklin Law helps a Medical Office Manager from Brampton, Ontario settle a bitter discrimination claim against a major player in the health care industry…

“After being terminated from a company which I was employed in for over 10 years, I was lost and I found myself in deep despair. Upon retaining Ron, I was given hope and direction. He was honest in his recommendation and also very compassionate and extremely understanding. He became my hero with his unwavering determination to ensure justice was served. And justice was served. He helped me climb over a mountain which I could not of done without him. I am very happy that I chose Ron to be my lawyer. And I have now moved on and life is very good. I highly recommend him to anyone who feels there is no hope. He was my ray of light through one of the darkest moments in my life. I will be forever grateful.”

D. Burton, Brampton, ON

Franklin Law provides “behind the scenes” support to a wrongfully dismissed Early Childhood Educator from Omemee, Ontario in her Ministry of Labour claim against her employer…

“When I was wrongfully dismissed, I felt lost and overwhelmed. I didn’t know what my rights were or where to turn for help. I was thoroughly impressed by Ron Franklin. He is a sympathetic, understanding and patient person. He is also a fantastic lawyer. Ron took the time to fully understand my situation and explain all my options honestly. Ron consulted with me and helped me prepare for my meeting with the Ministry of Labour. In the end, I was able to reach a settlement without going to court. I owe a huge thanks to Ron for supporting me each step of the way.”

M. Fine, Omemee, ON

Franklin Law helps a Revenue Administrator from Toronto, Ontario to settle a wrongful dismissal action against one of the largest moving companies in Canada…

“Honesty, integrity, respect, friendliness, due diligence, fairness, peace of mind and a “client first” attitude. These are normally the things most people wouldn’t associate with their potential attorney. When it comes to Ron Franklin, however, these words only begin to describe him and his services.  From the initial meeting, to the contractual agreement, through the negotiation process with my prior employer, through the settlement process and through the finalization of my Wrongful Dismissal case, Mr. Franklin was nothing short of sensational. He was very personable, polite, professional and always had my best interest at heart. He was in constant contact with me almost on a daily basis, keeping me advised of all of the details of our case and the most recent happenings pertaining to it. He advised me on how to proceed and what to ask of my former employer throughout the negotiation process. He encouraged questions and gave me thorough answers almost immediately. He even advised me on how to proceed in the most cost-effective manner, even if that meant that he would earn less as a result of doing so.  Upon settling with my prior employer, we received a settlement which was almost exactly what Mr. Franklin advised me we would get. I say “we” because you truly feel that you are part of a team when you hire Mr. Franklin. I should also mention that his rates are amongst the best in the industry. In fact, when you consider the service he provides, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that you will almost certainly not find better value for your time and money.   I should note that several months before meeting Mr. Franklin I had met with another lawyer who performed unsatisfactorily, had poor client service skills, had extremely high rates and was unfair to say the least. I had given up on my case until I accidentally met Mr. Franklin several months later. I can say, with utmost certainty, that hiring Mr. Franklin was the best decision I could have ever made.   Ron, I cannot thank you enough for everything you haye done for me. The situation with my prior employer had left me in a tough and unfortunate situation but the settlement we earned gave me the closure I needed to what was a very difficult and trying time in my life. Not only are you a top-notch lawyer, but you are also a top-notch individual. I would most certainly recommend you to friends, family and anyone else I might meet on a daily basis. Once again, thank you.

K. Economides, Toronto, ON

Franklin Law helps a Merchant Services Representative from North York, Ontario to negotiate an exit strategy and severance package after she was harassed by her manager and constructively dismissed by one of the largest banks in Canada…

“At one of the most difficult junctures in my life, at a time when I felt there was no way out Ron Franklin was not only willing to listen he was also very honest about the way in which he could help. Prior to calling Franklin Law, I called several lawyers, many of whom were rude, brash or just too busy to listen to someone with very little money. I am however, grateful that Ron Franklin took the time to listen, he remained honest, he did not make unnecessary promises and most importantly he delivered. The entire process although difficult at times, has been one of vindication. Thanks to Ron Franklin I have moved from a difficult place to one where I can begin to dream again.”

S. Jones, North York, ON

Franklin Law helps a Manager from Toronto, Ontario to settle a discrimination complaint against a not for profit employer at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario…

“Ron is the best employment lawyer in Toronto! I feel blessed to have had him represent me. I find him different than some lawyers I have met — he showed empathy, solidarity, integrity and professionalism. He was personable, politically conscious and competent. He shared his expertise, knowledge and professional advice while he respected my own judgment and choice (during the mediation process). I was wrongfully dismissed in a manner that violated my human rights. With his skills and support during the mediation session, we were able to settle my human rights case in a way that left me feeling satisfied. His commitment to justice for workers is admirable, including affordable rates. After searching hard for a good lawyer to deal with my case, Ron is the only one I highly recommend.”

Former employee of an NGO focused on combating violence against women, Toronto, ON

Franklin Law represented a seventeen year old African Canadian student from Brampton, Ontario in a novel case against the Dufferin Peel District School Board at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.  After five days of intense litigation, the parties agreed to settle and make a public announcement…

“Good Legal Counsel is not found in the fees one pays, for you don’t always get what you pay for. It comes through the quality of care and commitment given to ones case, co-creating with the client a favourable path to success. This has been our experience with Franklin Law. Coupled with Ron’s belief in our case, his tireless dedication was witnessed in the countless hours spent in research, both case and witness preparation, educating and guiding our family of the legal process through his inclusive style, resulting in the successful outcome of our claim against the School Board.”

Dr. V. Regisford, Brampton, ON

Franklin Law worked with a unionized Educational Assistant from Ajax, Ontario in resolving a protracted discrimination and harassment complaint at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario…

“My experience with Franklin Law was an extremely positive one. I found my lawyer to be very professional in legal undergoings yet supportive of client issues. Going through human rights issues is difficult as it is, but I was very glad to have Franklin Law behind me fighting to protect my rights. It was truly a blessing that I found them.”

F. Wint, Ajax, ON

Franklin Law represented an Office Assistant from Scarborough, Ontario after she was wrongfully dismissed and helped her negotiate a settlement…

“I had never worked with a lawyer before and when I meet Ron, I was extremely grateful that he was not the type of person that was just interested in the case, but rather, was interested in the person first! He had been extremely sensitive to my case and took the time to show and explain certain details that I did not understand. He worked in a timely fashion, was always available to take my calls, and always returned my calls and emails immediately. I was extremely pleased with his sincerity, kindness and persistent personality which enabled us to have a positive outcome. He is the lawyer that I recommend and should I ever need a lawyer again, he is the one I will retain.”

H. Russom, Scarborough, ON