Workplace Harassment

Ron Franklin discusses the relaunch of Franklin Law’s Employees First series of Courses and Workshops

Why this post? Why now? You, like many others, might be wondering why Franklin Law is so committed to offering courses and workshops to employees and other workers.  You might say, “You are lawyers not teachers… you are most effective in the courtroom not the classroom and that’s where you you should focus your energy”.     […]

Franklin Law helps an employee choose her health and well-being over her employment

An exceptionally experienced server in a prominent restaurant chain was injured at work and developed a number of disabilities as a result.  The seasoned employee booked a Franklin Law consultation after she had been forced out of her employment because younger and insensitive co-workers engaged in an insidious campaign of age- and disability-based harassment against    […]

Ron Franklin talks about employee mistreatment and abuse at work

Ron Franklin talks to employees about mistreatment and abuse in the workplace:  On Thursday February 16, 2012, Ron Franklin was a guest speaker on a Lancaster House telecast entitled Mistreatment and Abuse of Employees: What are the consequences? What are the remedies?  Ron provided listeners with an overview of some of the challenges that workers    […]

Franklin Law settles long-term employee’s wrongful dismissal and human rights case

Wrongful Dismissal Action with Human Rights Component: An employee claimed he was subjected to a long history of race- and disability-based discrimination and harassment which ultimately culminated in his employment being terminated. Not content to allow his employer to get away with this injustice, the employee came to Franklin Law looking for support. With Ron    […]